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Tour09: All Visible Things
Your venue for tour info & discussion.
3rd-Oct-2009 03:09 pm
Hey, guys -- After noticing the entry that Tour09AVT was relegated in dir_en_grey, I decided to create a community specific to the tour, and the needs of the attending. Hopefully, this comm may provide an accessible experience for those long-time fans and DEG virgins alike, so that all questions may be answered, and all insecurities be put to rest. Further than that, even, to give fans a place to organize meet-ups, like the TRTA08 comm. for last year's NA/Canada tour.

I'll be creating a specific entry for every hosting venue/city on the tour, but other than that, feel free to post specific questions, worries, ticket sales posts, etc. (like other tour comms, this comm. is specifically user-driven). Really, there aren't any restrictions, other than a strict expectancy for acceptable behavior. Also, please use the tags listed in the side-bar, for easy access to specific posts.

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