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Tour09: All Visible Things
Your venue for tour info & discussion.
Hollywood - Best Western 
4th-Nov-2009 05:36 pm
I figure some people have to be staying over in LA for the House of Blues shows soooooo, just for general curiosity, is anyone staying at the Best Western right next to the venue? I'm sure we'd be able to spot each other around the block anyway due to various amounts of dir en grey swag, but it'd just be nice to know if anyone else is rooming in the same hotel :)
5th-Nov-2009 05:11 pm (UTC)
Lmao. That sounds ideal. I wonder how many people will be staying around the venue/ will be willling to join in the escapades. Hmmmm.
Hahaha, I'd pay someone to sing Toguro and run up and down the hallways. Pitchy, pitchy fun.

I want some rail, yeah. I plan on getting there around 2 or 3 a.m. Friday morning. :X
I might change depending on what everyone else is doing, tho. *points at nishimura-chan* She seems to know more about the front-of-the-line dwellers than I do.
6th-Nov-2009 05:55 pm (UTC)
DEG fans are generally rad. Generally. So hopefully we'll find some fellow partakers in the shenanagins. We probably should be careful not to insult the band lest they hear us singing and actually make them hate their own songs XD

At least it won't be like the wiltern where you had to get little wristbands to get up front. I remember my last house of blues trip (different venue though) I was waaaay back in the line and, due to the HOB setup, I was able to mosey my way until about six rows back. Not bad, considering I only got there like an hour before.

The thing is, my boyfriend doesn't believe in waiting in lines for a band (whereas I waited 12+ hours for Dir en grey last year :/), so I don't know how down he'd be to wait in the morning. Unless of course, they do a handmarking, which would be rad. Then we can go check into our rooms and everything. Not that I'd NOT wait for DEG just because he has a prissy attitude haha. Screw that. He can go watch tv in the room or something.

Or we could all just team up and hold our spots when we want to make food runs and all that lol.
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