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Tour09: All Visible Things (Non-Domestic)
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A community for those attending Dir en Grey's foreign occupation All Visible Things tour.
Tour09: All Visible Things
Welcome to avt09, an LJ community geared toward the attendees of the U.S. and South American foreign occupation Dir en Grey tour in November of 09. This community was designed with ephemerality in mind; it shouldn't last too long after the tour concludes in the end of November. So, take stock in its basest function: allowing for the commiseration of those attending the DEG tour.
  • Behave. Really, there's nothing more to add. There aren't going to be many instances where drama can occur, hopefully. But... just be polite.
  • If your question or concern permits it, please post to your specific venue topic. (All venue links/tags are located on the sidebar)
  • For general questions, simply post a new topic
  • Use tags
If you have any ideas and/or are interested in moderating, send a PM to hone_no_zui. Thanks, and have fun -- I hope that some of you get a use out of this community.

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